Fair: “Projecting myself to the future, sowing ideas and dreams in children and adolescents of the ETI-Achupallas project” carried out by the Provincial Board

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the ETI project of the Provincial Board, held the inter-institutional Fair “Projecting myself to the future”, with the aim of strengthening a work in strategic alliance with public institutions in the prevalence of the principles and values ​​that should be instilled in childhood and youth, creating greater awareness in the search for new opportunities that each child and adolescent deserves, as well as their families.

There are 80 boys, girls, and adolescents from the Cochaloma and Nueva Paccha communities, belonging to the Achupallas parish, Alausí canton, who benefit from the development of this project. Guido Cardozo, head of ETI-Achupallas, commented that the union of wills is thinking about community well-being, motivating the beneficiaries of the project to maintain constant education and awareness in parents about the rights of children and adolescents. teenagers.

Vinicio Chávez, General Director of the Board, explained the commitment of Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect, for the well-being of children and adolescents of the Achupallas parish, “we are thinking about the possibility of dreaming, improving a future because it is really necessary give them a different path. In that logic we are working so that great achievements can be made with the support of the authorities, that is why I call on the institutions to continue working in an articulated manner so that children and adolescents can fulfill their dreams, ”he said.

Eduardo Pilco, president of the Parish GAD of Achupallas, also expressed his gratitude to the Chimborazo Prefecture for the commendable task carried out by the project: Eradication of Child Labor, “thank you very much and may you continue to strengthen with the support of the other institutions, congratulations ”, He mentioned.

For her part, María Mayancela, mother of the Nueva Paccha community of the ETI-Achupallas project, recognized the management of the Prefect of Chimborazo for allowing children and adolescents to receive psychological help, personal motivation and support in their duties, “thank you

to the ETI group and to all the members, we hope that the project will continue and that child labor can be eliminated, ”he said.

In the square of the parish head of Achupallas, different stands of the Sub-zone of the National Police, DINAPEN, GOE, the recreational group “Paquito Police”, the Alausí Fire Department, Ministry of Health, children’s games, inflatables and the technological bus Yach @ and Tic’s of the Prefecture of Chimborazo.