Virtual fair with entrepreneurs and artisans for the month of love and friendship

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Directorate of Productive Development and the Coordination of Business Management and Marketing, made the official launch of the virtual Fair for the month of love and friendship with various producers, artisans and entrepreneurs of the province of Chimborazo .

Javier Checa, Director of Productive Development, indicated that the main objective is to place the products of entrepreneurs in the province of Chimborazo at the service of citizens. “It is important to create the nexus with the different entrepreneurs and make known the quality of the products that are sold virtually,” he said.

Around 25 stands were located in the stone hall of the Chimborazo Prefecture for the official launch of the Virtual Fair, however from February 12 to 28, 2021 it will also be developed through the provincial institution’s page, through the following link:

For her part, Carmen Ulloa, Coordinator of Business Management and Marketing, expressed the importance of these spaces for economic reactivation. “It is important that our consumers can buy from our producers in the 10 cantons and leave the mark of our province high. I invite all citizens to visit the catalog of entrepreneurs, let’s consume what is ours, that of Chimborazo, “he said.

More than 50 entrepreneurs, artisans and producers will participate in the fair, in this way the Prefecture contributes to the economic reactivation of several Chimboracense families, where behind each product there is a history of effort and motivation.