Priority attention groups benefit from the project to improve water for human consumption

Within the project called “Socio-Economic Strengthening of Families of priority care groups”, in the province of Chimborazo, the Prefecture of Chimborazo, in coordination with the Provincial Board, will implement the improvement of the quality of water for human consumption in a first phase. This proposal was raised by Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province.

At the moment the studies and the chemical and bacteriological analysis of the vital liquid are being carried out, then we will proceed to the acquisition of water chlorinators to improve the quality for the benefit of the indigenous and peasant populations.

The objectives of this project are aligned with the fulfillment of the purpose of the program “Priority Attention Groups” of the Provincial Board, which are related to reducing the levels of inequity, exclusion and inequality in the provision of social and protection services, with emphasis in vulnerable and low-income groups, guaranteeing the fulfillment of their rights.

The province, the families of the priority attention groups of Chimborazo and the participants in the activities to improve the quality of water for human consumption will be strengthened socioeconomically. While the specific objectives are related to the need to raise awareness, use and application of legal regulations that promote the rights of priority care groups, improving the quality of water for human consumption throughout the province.

The technicians of the project “Socio-Economic Strengthening of the Families of Priority Groups” of the Provincial Board, Aurelio Espinoza, José Carrasco and Raúl Cuvi, work together with the heads of the Laboratory of the Faculty of Engineering of UNACH to improve the quality of life of the rural population of Chimborazo