Inauguration of the textile center of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs “ASODENEY” of Guano

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Directorate of Productive Development and in coordination with the Municipal Government of the Guano canton, held the inauguration of the textile plant of the Association of Women Entrepreneurs of the Guano canton “ASODENEY” that benefits 20 partners, heads of families.

The prefect of the province, Juan Pablo Cruz, carried out the formal inauguration ceremony and the delivery of 17 machines. “This textile plant is fully supplied and in full operation. In this enclosure we are making history, with struggling mothers and family members with disabilities (…), today we are collaborating in the economic generation of your families ”, he said.

With an investment of approximately $ 13,000, the objective of the project “Improvement of Artisanal Production, Guano La Matriz canton” of the provincial institution is to improve the economic situation of people with different abilities in the canton for a better quality of life, through of the preparation and formation of a company.

Catalina Garcés, beneficiary of the project, expressed her gratitude to the authority for fulfilling the dreams of the women of this canton. “On behalf of all my colleagues from ‘ASODENEY’, who are beings of struggle and life, we thank the Prefect of the province for this project that will allow us to move forward, improving our lifestyle and above all feeling useful in this society”, he limited.