The Tagshana Alfapamba community is served by the Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board

The Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board of Trustees continues with its journey through all the cantons of the province, reaching the most remote corners with free medical assistance. The medical brigade made up of Luis Naranjo, dentist, Juan Pablo Flores, general practitioner and Cristian Uquillas, nursing assistant, went to the Tagshana Alfapamba community of the Chunchi canton to care for the elderly, people with disabilities, mothers and fathers of families, boys, girls and adolescents in the sector.

Luis Naranjo, dentist at the Type “B” Health Center of the Provincial Board, commented that Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, is determined to go to all rural communities, parish capitals and peripheral neighborhoods with medical services and delivering medicine, without cost, “we have also distributed oral hygiene kits to all children and adolescents attended, with various recommendations for proper brushing of teeth,” he said.

The president of the Tagshana Alfapamba community, Rodrigo Paredes, expressed his approval for the help to poor people that the Chimborazo Prefecture provides with the Health Medical Unit, “we hope that you will continue to support us, above all, for the people who need the most ”, He mentioned.

Also María Montero, beneficiary and resident of the community, thanked the Provincial Government for caring about people with limited resources, “we are happy, it is always good that the doctors come to heal us, God pay you Mr. Prefect.”