The Directorate of Productive Development, under the Urban Agriculture Program, inaugurates the “El Pedregal Neighborhood School”

Framed within the Urban Agriculture Program, the “El Pedregal Neighborhood School” was inaugurated where organizational strengthening actions, family gardens, minor species and healthy eating workshops are carried out to improve knowledge and consumption of fresh and nutritious food by families with the formation of neighborhood schools.

“Confidence is generated in the projection (…) according to the planning; Once the urban farmer feels part of it, generating these commercialization chains that are productive and food fairs as well (…), we will enter other types of crops that are a little more specialized and that their cost in the market is more significant “Said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

The “El Pedregal Neighborhood School” was formed on October 13 of this year with 35 participating families, in which the seedbed for the implementation of family gardens has already been made.

And he added that “the crops would not advance in their process if we did not have their respective fertilizer, and for this, there is a list with around 12 elements of fertilizers so that you can have a fairly optimal crop and that is delivered together with the seed, based on having a healthier concept”.

One of the objectives of the School is to support urban agricultural initiatives and projects that guarantee food security and stimulate the local economy to improve the quality of life.

As part of the event, there were entrepreneurs who were located in stands showing and marketing their products.