The Prefecture of Chimborazo continues with the campaign “Sow for Life Chimborazo” in El Rosario, Guano

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Environmental Management Directorate, delivered 2,100 native plants and 1,500 fruit plants in the El Rosario parish, belonging to the Guano canton, with the campaign “Siembra por la Vida Chimborazo”, which aims to green and improve the water basins of Chimborazo.

Rodrigo Condo, vice president of the December 20 neighborhood, thanked the Chimborazo Prefecture for the management that has been developing for the benefit of this parish with the inauguration of the “La República” road, which has been of great satisfaction to boost the economy in this sector, and on this occasion, the delivery of plants serves to improve the living conditions of future generations.

Alfredo Chuquimarca, Director of Environmental Management, mentioned that socialization and training is being provided to residents of the different sectors so that they know how to carry out the respective care of the plants, which goes hand in hand with the monitoring by this Directorate. In addition, he indicated that this administration is giving priority to the conservation and preservation of our natural resources.

Likewise, Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, commented that, “in the first phase, 137,425 plants have been delivered and they have been articulated with 39 parishes, benefiting 8,600 families”, and in the same way, he emphasized that the joint work gives better results. The prefect of Chimborazo invited the presidents of the neighborhoods to continue working for the benefit of all Chimboracenses.

In this parish native plants such as; guarango, red alder, lupine and walnut, and within fruit plants; canned peach, guava, meyer lemon, orange and custard apple.