The Chimborazo Prefecture delivers an embroidery machine to the “Isabel de Godín” Higher Technological Institute to improve textile production

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Productive Development Directorate, delivered as a loan a single head embroidery machine, drum set, accessory box, computer plus Wilcom program and 40 hours of training in the management of the program to the students from the “Isabel de Godín” Higher Technological Institute.

The objective is to provide an improvement in artisan production and provide useful tools for their educational and professional growth. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province, said that, together with the authority of the Institute, an agreement has been signed for outreach projects where there are spaces that allow students to put into practice the knowledge acquired in the classrooms.

“It is a 12-thread embroidery machine for the different applications that we provide as a loan with goodwill. We want them to learn, and with it, come out entrepreneurs and future businesswomen, without migration (…). The important thing here is that they can improve and learn with new practices and trends, I am happy to see the students in an intergenerational way, they will have opportunities to improve themselves, in management and maintenance, “he said.

For his part, Francisco Nájera, rector of the ITS “Isabel de Godín”, expressed the importance of the articulation with the authorities of the province. “We received an embroiderer as a loan for our Institute, today in times of pandemic, where it is necessary to join forces among the institutions to move the economy forward, not only in the province, but also in the country. These gestures are important that not only help the training of our young students, but also in their improvement and the possibility of continuing to operate with whoever needs it ”, he stressed.

Likewise, Alisson Rodas, a student at the Higher Institution, expressed his gratitude to the authority for the machinery that will be very useful. “We are grateful to the prefect of the province, Juan Pablo Cruz, for the delivery of the machinery, as it is an extremely important instrument in the Fashion Design career. It will serve in a professional way for the development of the relationship and association in the Province, “he said.

The embroidery machine has a cost of around USD 10,000 and will benefit the students of the Fashion Design career of the ITS “Isabel de Godín”, which is part of the Coordination of business management, entrepreneurship and marketing of the Directorate of Productive Development .

At the event, recognition was given to the Prefect of the province for the work undertaken for the benefit of the above-mentioned higher Institution.