The Public Works Directorate of the Chimborazo Prefecture, together with the prefect, Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, delivered weapons to the inhabitants of the Los Ceceles communities, Licto parish of Riobamba canton.

It was announced that these sewers are already in operation and that they will benefit three communities: Cecel Grande, Cecel Lincas and Cecel San Antonio.

The prefect of the province in his speech indicated that “the work carried out in the communities of the Ceceles is very important for the agricultural and livestock sector …” and made a call to work in unity in order to direct the development of Chimborazo and stated that there is good news for Chimborazo. “The Prefecture has acquired the asphalt plant with a multi-distributor and the equipment to meet the needs of the province in terms of roads, which will be operational in the coming days,” he said.

Gerardo Pintag, president of the Cecel de San Antonio community and representing the inhabitants of this area, thanked the prefecture for the support they are receiving, pointing out that “this new administration is not offers, but realities that are seen in each one of the communities”.

The Director of Social Management, Mg. Hilario Naula, reported that “the disinfection process is being carried out in an articulated manner in all the communities, parishes and cantons of the province, emphasizing that in the Licto parish these days the disinfection was carried out house by house.”

The Chimborazo Prefecture together with the provincial Board of Trustees delivered 125 food kits to the elderly and vulnerable from the three communities in the sector.