The Chimborazo Prefecture participates in the anniversary of the parochialization of La Providencia

The Prefecture of Chimborazo participated in the 76 years of parochialization of La Providencia, belonging to the Guano canton, with the presence of authorities, representatives and residents of the sector, the formal act was carried out remembering the political history of this parish.

The prefect of the province, Juan Pablo Cruz, in his speech highlighted the work that, as the Prefecture, develops and celebrates this commemorative date accompanying the territories, supporting the authorities and informing the activities that are carried out for the benefit and development of each of the corners of the province.

“Today, as a result of the articulated work between the parish and cantonal authorities, we deliver the good news. The Prefecture has come with a leveraging hand at the productive, environmental, road, irrigation, productive development levels with the veterinary medical caravans, mobile health unit and the delivery of 4,000 native plants and fruit trees to protect the environmental zones and be able to explore new crops “, he pointed

Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect.

In addition, the boost to tourism in the area was reiterated, through coordination with the authorities.

José Pérez, president of the Parish Board, thanked the collaboration and support provided by the institution for the implementation of different projects and assistance to the residents.

In the commemorative act, recognitions were given for educational, sporting and cultural merits.