The Chimborazo Prefecture works in a coordinated manner to meet the needs of the province’s transporters

In the auditorium of the institution, a morning of dialogue was developed to listen to the needs of the transporters of the province in order to work together and be able to provide a better service to Chimboracenses and citizens in general. The event was attended by the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, a technician from the Public Works Directorate, the Director of Social Management, Hilario Naula, and representatives of the province’s transporters.

Daniel Amarillo, coordinator of interprovincial transportation and president of the Cooperativa de Transportes de Chimborazo, mentioned that the contribution of this new administration has been very appropriate, also thanked the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, for being the first authority in the province which is providing its support and stressed that, “while the union exists, there will be works.”

The Prefect of Chimborazo heard first-hand the need of each of the representatives of the different provincial and interprovincial bus lines, and said that, “we are predisposed to collaborate within its competencies, the institution will provide road maintenance, machinery, plant asphalt plant and local labor, in order to optimize economic resources and satisfy the needs of transporters so that they can provide a better service ”.

This meeting was attended by approximately 100 people, of whom are from different bus lines in the province.