The Chimborazo Prefecture works jointly and permanently in the Cumandá canton

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Directorate of Social Management and in the presence of the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, arrived at the Buenos Aires campus of the Cumandá canton to meet with the presidents and residents of the different areas of this canton and with the purpose of continue working on road maintenance, asphalt plant that can access all the services provided by the provincial institution.

Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect, mentioned that, “during this short time of management, 110 km of road maintenance, 11.24 km of road improvement have been intervened and 992 hours of work have been dealt with in an emergent manner with the new machinery of the Prefecture, from in the same way and constantly, disinfection brigades have been sent to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the agro-veterinary mobile clinics have gone to Cumandá so that the livestock and productive sector is also attended, delivery of plants “.

Meanwhile, Laura Urgiles, president of the Buenos Aires campus, thanked the management of the new Chimborazo Prefecture for the work that has been developing all this time and emphasizes that it is the first authority to serve this sector that has remained forgotten for a long time.

Work plans continue to be developed to continue serving in all areas in the various precincts and parishes of the Cumandá canton.