The Chimborazo Prefecture covers the progress of work in Chambo

Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo, made the 1.7km route on the Ulpán Julquis road, Guarugtus, San Juan, in the Chambo canton to verify the progress of the asphalt works. This work will benefit the families of these rural sectors.

This third road ring that is being completed in Chambo, will allow citizens to provide quality road access by facilitating Education, Health, Tourism, Productive Development, Commerce. In addition, a welfare for the people who live in these places, said the Prefect.

This tour was attended by residents of the sector, managers of the beneficiary communities and the technicians in charge of the work, as well as the media. It is worth mentioning that this road remained in poor condition and did not provide the conditions for vehicular traffic, and now, through this work, it is possible to obtain a road in optimal conditions.

Angélica Villa, resident of the Guarontus neighborhood of the Julquis community, thanked the Chimborazo Prefecture for making the residents’ dream come true and having a way that will allow them a better quality of life.

For his part, Agustín Pilamunga, president of the Guantus community and beneficiary of this work, thanked the Prefect for supporting these communities that were abandoned, “all these sectors will be able to develop in all areas, this road was necessary to be able to carry our products to the city, he said.

It culminated with the verification of another work on the San Francisco Agua Termales de Aguayllanchi road, where it was found that the machinery of the Chimborazo Prefecture is carrying out the expansion of the section that covers 3.8 km of distance, which is built by direct administration to save resources. This is an important road because it is part of the canton’s ring road to promote productivity and tourism.