Free medicine received vulnerable groups from the Rumicruz community, Calpi

The Provincial Board of Trustees medical brigade, made up of Luis Naranjo, dentist, Santiago Pazán, general practitioner, and Cristian Uquillas, nursing assistant, attended the Rumicruz community of the Calpi parish of Riobamba canton, with the delivery of free medicines.

To 32 people attended by general medicine, belonging to the vulnerable groups of Rumicruz, the health professional found problems of arthritis, osteoarthritis and cases of high blood pressure. Meanwhile, the dental doctor performed the placement of sealants, wedges, extractions and dental restorations to 16 patients, including; children, adolescents and adults.

María Toaza, wife of the president of the Rumicruz community, highlighted the presence of the Mobile Health Unit, “excellent that you come to the countryside, we are poor people who need medical services, we do not have transportation, we cannot go to the Sub-center, that’s why we want them to continue helping us, ”he said.

“Thanks to the Prefect, for being concerned and attentive to the needs of the rural people that we need so much from the doctors,” said Esteban Lata, 67, who was satisfied with the arrival of the medical caravan.