Road improvement will unite the cantons of Colta and Pallatanga

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Public Works Directorate, carries out the expansion, improvement and road maintenance that connects the cantons of Colta and Pallatanga in the sectors of Trigoloma – Cañi – Tambillo Bajo – Malpote, with approximately 30 kilometers of intervention .

The prefect of the province, Juan Pablo Cruz, said that currently this work allows to unite these two cantons that will contribute to their development. “The roads in this sector that have been evacuated since 1972, but which have not had a major investment, were very poor and scarce to be able to have road safety, now we are counting on a different road.

We have certain stretches of widening, maintenance and improvement through ballasting. It is a productive and livestock area, its people are committed to the change of Chimborazo and we are committed to ensuring that the province can have a true productive and economic development, “he said.

The work that exceeds 200 thousand dollars of investment for its three phases currently performs asphalt treatments; In the first stage, more than 8 kilometers of earthworks have been intervened to widen the road, which will allow optimal and safe conditions.

Héctor Núñez, leader of the Tambillo Bajo community, expressed his appreciation of the authority for the management carried out for the benefit of its inhabitants. “Thanks to the prefect for the way he is working for all Chimboracenses, this area, being very productive, needs a good road, and today we are having it. When the machinery comes, we will also recognize the management that it executes for the good of the Chimboracenses, ”he said.