Women from the parishes of the Riobamba canton receive seeds and fertilizer to improve agricultural production in the province

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Coordination of Inclusion and Interculturality and Gender of the Directorate of Social Management, delivered certified seeds of super chola potatoes, organic and chemical fertilizers in the parishes of San Juan, Calpi, Licán, San Luis, Punín , Flores and Cacha of the Riobamba canton.

The objective of the delivery is to improve agricultural production in the province of Chimborazo. “This certified seed will have a good production in the province of Chimborazo, we continue to support and promote the farmer, the future entrepreneur, the young person who generates the economy and the father or mother who lives from the day. We are going to work together, benefiting the organizations of the sector, with this new project, taking the productive promotion for women with equality, interculturality and gender ”, expressed the prefect of the province, Juan Pablo Cruz.

In the Calera Grande Pomaló community of the San Juan parish, 60 quintals of certified potato seeds, 390 bags of organic fertilizer and 15 bags of chemical fertilizer were delivered, benefiting 288 residents of the different communities of San Juan, Calpi and Licán. Likewise, in the San Luis, Punín, Flores and Cacha parishes, 80 quintals of certified seed of potatoes, 520 bags of organic fertilizer and 20 quintals of chemical fertilizer were delivered to farmers in 12 communities.

Mariano Guzñay, beneficiary of the Flores parish, indicated that this delivery is of great help to the people and farmers who live in the countryside. “We are 3,330 m high and it is a great help because the beneficiaries are not only us, but the family, children and grandchildren, because it will allow to boost the production of the field. We hope that our Prefect will continue to attend to our needs, as he has been doing, ”he said.

These agricultural incentives strengthen the development of the inhabitants of the rural sector of the province, and also seek to strengthen gender equality among the inhabitants, with equal opportunities.