Children, adolescents, mothers and the elderly from the Totoras Pampa community, Alausí received medical assistance

In the Totoras Pampa community of the Achupallas parish, Alausí canton, children, adolescents, mothers and the elderly received medical attention at the Mobile Health Unit in the specialties of dentistry and obstetrics.

During the consultations carried out by the obstetrician, Katherine Sanchez, found in 37 female patients, problems of urinary tract infections, cases of postpartum and menopause to which she provided recommendations on the need for family planning.

Meanwhile, the dentist, Luis Naranjo, cared for 19 patients who underwent dental extractions and restorations, fittings and sealants. Among them children, young people, mothers of families, as well as the elderly.

Hilda Susana García thanked the Prefecture of Chimborazo for the arrival of the medical brigade, “all the doctors are good professionals, they serve with cordiality and patience, thank you very much Mr. Prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, for thinking about the people of the field,” she said. .

“It’s good that they come to our community, they help us a lot because they save us trips and we remain calm in the face of the fear of contagion if we go to the city,” said María Juliana Tene, beneficiary and said she felt satisfied by the care of the Board’s doctors Provincial who visited this place.