Thaís González Suárez, clinical psychologist of the Chimborazo Prefecture Board of Trustees, announced that the isolation caused by the expansion of the Covid-19 carries various psychological effects such as anxiety, fear, stress and other factors that affect people if we do not know it. control properly.

“It is new for everyone to be in quarantine, although we should not say that we are locked up,” explained the psychologist, while pointing out that we are safe, a circumstance that leads us to adopt new habits. For which he recommends: “reinforce family work, as a team, where each family member must play a role, and why not work equally; being necessary an assertive communication, delegating functions, according to what each one of them can do, so that the load is not heavy ”.

As recommendations for the family, González hinted that it is important to reduce bad information on social networks, because that leads to greater anxiety and depression.

“Coordinate and plan through activities to which we were already accustomed, drawing up a schedule with different routines, with schedules for physical activity, sharing and communicating, performing tasks as a team and above all complying with what the Ministry of Health says, washing frequently hands, wear masks, and leave the house, only when urgent and necessary, but well protected, “he added.

He concluded by recalling that the health professionals of the Chimborazo Prefectural Board of Trustees are activated for any consultation through free Telemedicine; “I am available to the public, to guide them in some way or another, my cell number is 0998862140, and I put myself under orders.”
Writing: Arturo Lara