Provincial Board delivers 420 food rations to vulnerable families in the communities of Columbe

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Provincial Board of Trustees, delivered 420 food rations to priority groups in the communities of the Columbe parish, Colta canton, as part of the Social Aid Project for the elderly, single mothers, people with disabilities in situation of vulnerability and scarce resources.

Francisco Haro, head of the social aid project for families in vulnerable situations, said that, “on behalf of the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, we have the best predisposition and will to reach out with these aid for the benefit of people with limited resources in Columbe parish, with the purpose of supplying the existing needs in these times of pandemic and economic crisis ”.

On the other hand, José Olmedo Atupaña, president of the Cruz Pungo community, recognized the support provided by the Chimborazo Prefecture to the residents of these communities, “thank you very much Mr. Prefect, the collaboration given to my people is very valuable,” he said.

And for his part, Ambrocio Guailla, president of the San Antonio community, very excited, indicated that, “the food rations are a great contribution to the peasant families. God help you and bless Mr. Prefect, I thank you on behalf of my community ”.