Provincial Board organized a training event on fire prevention and use of extinguishers

With the purpose of being prepared to prevent and fight fires, the Occupational Health and Safety Unit of the Provincial Board of Chimborazo, organized on Friday, December 4, a theoretical-practical training event, aimed at all public servants of the institution, with the collaboration of the Meritorious Fire Department of the city of Riobamba.

Rubén Merino, head of the Occupational Safety and Health Unit of the Provincial Board of Chimborazo, announced that in the institutional auditorium, a training was carried out on fire prevention, use and management of portable fire-fighting equipment, or better known like fire extinguishers.

He explained that the members of the fire fighting institution focused on specific issues, such as how to prevent a fire, in public and private buildings, as well as in the homes of the officials of the Provincial Board, “what measures should we take, how to verify the elements to be able to prevent some type of fire; and they also induced the men in the red coat to carry out training in the use and handling of fire extinguishers, what is the way to use them, steps to follow to be able to use them, if necessary ”.

Merino made it clear that it was a theoretical and practical training, aimed at all the servers of the Provincial Government Board, both in the administrative area, of the different projects and units, “the MIES coordinators were also invited, who are the who control the child development centers, as well as the educators ”.

After the learning day, there were agreements to continue with the training and also that the Fire Department will help with the endorsement of the fire extinguishers year after year; Likewise, it will lend its contingent to implement issues related to first aid and the formation of emergency brigades, “these increases in knowledge will allow the strengthening of very important actions in a work environment, where some type of accident may arise,” said the head of the Occupational Health and Safety Unit of the Provincial Board.