Provincial Board holds the Forum “Let’s talk about HIV-AIDS” with professionals from the health and rights area

The Provincial Board held in the Auditorium of its dependency, the Forum called “Let’s talk about HIV-AIDS”, within the framework of commemoration of the “International Day of the Fight against AIDS”, which had the participation of authorities, exhibitors and the public usually.

Janneth Viñan, head of the Type B Health Center of the Provincial Board and organizer of the event, pointed out that, “AIDS has been the last great pandemic, in terms of the number of deaths that the human race has suffered before COVID 19, it is calculated that since it was named, 33 million people have died in 1982, although it seems that the first clear cases belong to the beginning of the second part of the 20th century and there are clear indications in the 1920s in an African city ” , said.

Marianita Carrillo, president of the Provincial Board, gave the words of welcome to the exhibitors of the cultural event and the public present. For his part, Eng. Vinicio Chávez, Director of the Provincial Board of Trustees, opened the event highlighting the relevance of these spaces that allow the exchange of knowledge and the importance of prevention and non-discrimination of those who have this disease.

Among the exhibitors present were the Ab. Mónica Alexandra Bonilla Rivera, representative of the Chimborazo Ombudsman’s Office; Dr. Luis Antonio Alejandro, representative of the MSP; Dra. Priscila Calva, General Physician of the Type B Health Center of the Provincial Board of Trustees and the Clinical Psychologist, Diego Fernando Espín Ledesma, who received at the end of the day a certificate for their participation.