Provincial Board socializes the project: “Improvement of water quality” that benefits 57 rural parishes

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Provincial Board of Trustees, made the socialization of the project “Improvement of water quality”, which will benefit 57,340 families of rural communities in the province, as part of the macro project of Socioeconomic Strengthening of groups of priority attention.

The prefect of the province, Juan Pablo Cruz, highlighted the importance of this project in improving the living conditions of the inhabitants. “The water they consume is not in adequate condition, that is why through the Provincial Patronage, due to its power to prevent and improve living conditions, it executes this project for the benefit of the 57 parishes of this first phase, through of the placement and implementation of chlorination systems ”, he expressed. In addition, technicians from the institution will train the presidents of the parish boards for their knowledge in the management and operation of this new system.

Vinicio Chávez, director of the Provincial Board, pointed out that the initiative has been taken to intervene in order to protect the health of the entire population, helping to have water for human consumption and less malnutrition. “The initiative of the Prefect to prioritize the human being, the care of his health, taking into account that the quality of the water is not the best in the parishes. We are aligned with each of the provisions of the first authority for the axis of change, in this sense, quality water for human consumption “, he said.

For her part, Carmelina Ati, leader of the San Juan parish, on behalf of the parish councils, affirmed the support and care provided by the Chimborazo Prefecture. “I thank Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz for the initiative, we have been consuming piped water, today we are having the possibility of having processed water. We are sure that with this help we can improve the malnutrition that we live in each of our parishes and communities, ”he said.

The commitment at a social and progress level is essential for the provincial institution, improving the quality of drinking water with a work in mind of action, management and execution.