Penipe celebrates 37 years of cantonization and celebrates with the presence of the Chimborazo Prefecture

Penipe celebrated its 37 years of cantonization in a different way, without events or shows that it used to perform to pay tribute to this area that is highly touristy, however, the solemn session could not be overlooked and with the presence of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, local, provincial and national authorities, held an act honoring the canton.

During the event, a historical review of Penipe was released, which highlighted the main events that with the efforts of various characters managed to cantonize this area, congratulations and communications from various public and private institutions were read, and thus Authorities from various levels of government also gave a speech.

The prefect of Chimborazo, Juan Pablo Cruz, recognized the work and effort of the Penipeños, who prevail in good customs, at the same time, recalled each of the efforts and works that the provincial institution carries out in this canton and promised to continue working for this canton.

“As a result of the work of the Chimborazo Prefecture, it is evidenced in Productive Development, roads, improving irrigation systems by compacting three levels of Government, that is, a completely different reality in such a complex moment and in a short period of time, and that is what now we testify about what is happening in Penipe ”, indicated Cruz.

In turn, he called for a union between authorities to continue working and carrying out efforts in an articulated manner.