Vulnerable people from the Llulluchi neighborhood, Quimiag receive medical services with the support of the Provincial Board

In the San José de Llulluchi neighborhood of the parish capital of Químiag in the Riobamba canton, the Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board provided medical services in dentistry and general medicine to vulnerable people and also delivered free medicines.

The vice-prefect, Carmen Gadvay, who carries out permanent accompaniment to the Mobile Unit, reiterated the commitment of the Chimborazo Prefecture to continue providing specialized services for the welfare of the neediest population.

Carlos Ushca, President of the neighborhood, was in charge of welcoming the medical brigade of the Provincial Board and thanked Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, for the help given to families in need of health services, ” It is a magnificent support because they come to our sector, since we cannot go to the city, for fear of the pandemic and for the lack of money, for that I thank them with all my heart on behalf of all the residents, ”said Ushca.

Luis Naranjo, dentist, and Santiago Pazán, general practitioner of the Provincial Board, explained that the health services and quality medicines that are delivered are totally free. “We always give our best, with good will, as professionals who work with great care, knowledge and responsibility,” Naranjo stressed.

Ernestina Cuzco, a resident of this community, said she was happy with the management of the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, “the doctors give good care and also give us medicines at no cost, thank you very much for reaching the people who need the most.”