Prefect of Chimborazo gave the MTOP a proposal for transporters of the Province

In a meeting with the Minister of Transport and Public Works MTOP, Gabriel Martínez and the Vice Minister, Ricardo Paula met last Friday in the meeting room of the Provincial Government with the Prefect of Chimborazo, Juan Pablo Cruz, where the proposal was delivered to the MTOP of the transporters of the Province for a possible construction of a lateral crossing and the enabling of an alternate provisional section, in order to decongest traffic in Riobamba, since it is within its competence, because it links 2 national axes: the E35 as the continuation of E35 from Riobamba to Cuenca, or in turn, connection 487 from Balvanera-Bucay that goes to Guayaquil.

“It is important these meetings that allow to publicize the needs of the transporters, and even more, to know the position of the authorities regarding the requests for the benefit of the entire province,” said Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo.

In the meeting also participated the Director of Public Works of the Government of the Province, Washington Navarro and the transporters of Chimborazo.

Weeks ago the Prefect held a meeting with the transporters of the Province where the needs were heard, and among them, the construction of a side step was contemplated. The authority explained that this competence belongs to the MTOP, therefore it was managed to have approaches with the Minister of this state portfolio and thus put the proposal on the table.