Chimborazo Prefecture supports the residents of Licán with machinery in the face of heavy rains

The Chimborazo Prefecture collaborates with the machinery to clean the sewer and the entrance bridge to Corona Real, eviction of the material and maintenance in a section of the Bypass that was full of debris and imperfections, after the heavy rains presented to the north of the city of Riobamba last Tuesday. The Provincial Government permanently active, provides its contingent to meet the needs of the eleven neighborhoods of the parish.

Washington Navarro, representing the provincial institution and as Director of Public Works, participated in the meeting called by the Parish GAD, where he promised to work together with the rest of the local authorities. In this case, with machinery.

After the meeting, the authorities present made a tour with the residents of the affected sectors to verify the damage.

In the coming days, the cleaning of 200 meters of the Quebrada that runs down from Cunduana will continue.

Mayra Piedad Suquillo, president of the Vida Nueva neighborhood, pointed out that, “this bridge is destroyed because there is negligence on the part of the authorities, both at the local and municipal level, they have never done anything for this parish. At this time, the authorities of the Provincial Government have visited us and we hope they will help us with machinery because we need to remove the logs that are embedded within the armic of this bridge that serves the neighborhoods of the Licán parish. We are concerned that it continues to rain and the consequences could be dire and more serious, this bridge could collapse and that worries us, “he said.

On the other hand, Kléver Pérez, a resident of one of the neighborhoods affected by this natural phenomenon, thanked the authorities of the Prefecture for sending the machinery to carry out the work on the main road and on the alternate roads that are damaged, because of the growing number that came down through this sector, “thank you for your efforts to help this area that is very affected, with these jobs that the streets are doing, they are doing very well, they are doing an excellent job,” he explained.

Always active to help the residents of this parish who suffered inclement weather, as the Prefecture of Chimborazo we are obliged to ensure the safety of the Chimboracenses.