Chimborazo Prefecture delivers 540 armic plates to 10 communities of the Colta canton

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Public Works and Social Management Directorate, delivered 540 armic plates to 10 communities of the Juan de Velasco, Sicalpa and Columbe parishes, belonging to the Colta canton, which will serve to improve the area’s roads .

 “The armic ones are 1,200 millimeters in diameter for a road in better conditions; With this, benefiting the farmer, rancher and producer (…) is something that has been postponed for years in previous processes, and that at this moment, in a very defined and joint way, we are working with fellow community members, ”said Juan Pablo Cruz , prefect of Chimborazo.

The assembly and installation will be carried out during the next few days to be able to enable the roads and thus avoid inconveniences during the winter season, which without the armic ones, caused discomfort for the inhabitants of the communities.

“We must avoid that in winter they have scenarios in which they cannot transit, for obvious reasons, the products cannot be put on the market,” said the Prefect.

Leaders recognized the institution’s management in serving these areas that suffer the ravages of winter, and that previously, other authorities did not expedite processes, but, nevertheless, now it was an immediate response, help for the sectors of the parishes of Colta.

“The benefit is very essential, because where there are roads in good condition, products can be taken to different places and if the rain comes, we will no longer suffer (…) previous authorities told us that they have to do some paperwork and they made us wait a long time, and sometimes, they didn’t even deliver, ”said Aurelio Caizaguano, representative of the highway committee.