Chimborazo Prefecture delivers 550 candy cases to make Chimboracenses smile for the advent of Christmas

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Provincial Board of Trustees, delivered 550 candy cases with different sectors and actors in the province of Chimborazo, including the highest authority of the province, Juan Pablo Cruz, with the aim of giving a gift smile to children, youth, adolescents, older adults and people with vulnerability and also athletes.

The prefect of Chimborazo said that they are generating links with different social and sports organizations. “We honor the effort and dedication of children and young people from 5 to 15 years of age who leave the name of Chimborazo, very high,” he said.

“We will also reach the coaches and the families of athletes with food kits, we want to advance to all sectors, not only for the Federation, but for vulnerable groups throughout the province, we started with the Sports Federation and with their families, but we will continue working for all Chimboracenses, “said Juan Pablo Cruz.

The team of the Provincial Board of Trustees delivered 40 candy bags in the La Condamine market, within the ETI-Mercados Riobamba project, also 80 bags in the Comprehensive HIV-AIDS Care Unit of the Riobamba General Hospital, 40 for older adults , 60 in the House of Charity in Penipe, 30 in the Fundación “Jesús Resucitado” Capodarco Community and 300 covers for children and young people of the Federation of Athletes of Chimborazo.

Vinicio Chávez, director of the Provincial Board of Trustees, expressed the efforts that have been made to reach the different sectors, without any distinction. “We are committed to the society of our province, thanks to Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz for his management for this delivery in the sports and social field. He is a committed authority and today he has been able to come to make everyone’s heart happy, ”he said.

For his part, Fernando Rosales, representative of the patients in the comprehensive care unit for HIV-AIDS, expressed his gratitude for the visibility that is provided to these vulnerable, underserved groups. “Thanks to the prefect of the province for being present with this donation that will rejoice many hearts of those who live with this diagnosis, they will consider us as part of a social inclusion that the province deserves, thanks to its administration,” he stressed.

Sandra Gualsagui, representative of the Fundación “Jesús Resucitado”, community of Capodarco de Penipe, thanked the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz and the Director of the Provincial Board, Vinicio Chávez, for the generosity of giving them this Christmas present, which will reach all the beneficiaries of the social service institution.

On these important dates, in December, of union with the family and other loved ones, the Prefecture of Chimborazo continues to be present in all sectors and cantons of the province to reach the most vulnerable people with a small present, affective actions and recreational activities, to relive these special moments.