Chimborazo Prefecture delivers environmental certification for the construction of a trail plaza in Pulinguí, Guano

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Directorate of Environmental Management, delivered the environmental certification to the Autonomous Decentralized Municipal Government of Guano for the construction project of the trail plaza in the Pulinguí community, belonging to the San Andrés parish.

“It is important to work jointly so that this type of work becomes evident for the benefit of the entire population. This certification authorizes the construction of the trail plaza to meet the highest environmental standards, ”said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

The area that is provided to occupy this space is around 40 thousand square meters, of which 14 thousand will be built for offices and others.

The construction of the Animal Marketing Plaza project in Pulinguí consists of physically enabling spaces related to accesses, alternate routes, exits with vertical and horizontal signage, informational signage of the complex and spaces, administrative area and phytosanitary services (offices ), office parking, animal area, corral netting, independent corral area for calves, cows in production, cows, bulls, bulls, sheep, pigs and piglets, lift, horse cattle, in addition, an isolation pen for drinking troughs in all corrals, parking area for loading and unloading, sanitary batteries in two blocks, footbath area with control ramp, green areas, wastewater treatment plant, manure storage and treatment plant and perimeter fence.

“We thank the authorities who care about us, it is a dream come true, Mr. Prefect and Mr. Mayor, continue working together for the good of our community,” said Manuel Duchi, president of the Pulinguí community.

It is anticipated. Within the preparatory phase, carry out a provisional protective enclosure, signage of the work and activities. The execution of the physical works will be executed in accordance with the Ecuadorian Construction Standard NEC, implemented in the plans for the work.