The Directorate of Productive Development of the Prefecture of Chimborazo, with the presence of the Vice Prefect Carmen Gadbay, delivered a quality seed sorting machine for products such as; chochos, barley and wheat to the representatives of the Corporation of Producers of Legumes and Grains of the Bishud community, Palmira Parish of the Guamote canton.

The representatives of CORPOPURUWÁ thanked Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province, for the support provided within the strengthening project
socioeconomic status of priority attention groups, with which more than 300 families in this sector will benefit in the future, boosting the economic and productive development of this canton and of our beloved province.

Engineer Edison Campos, Director of Productive Development, said “there are several emblematic projects that the Prefecture is carrying out for this organization in search of the development of this area, considering that the field continues to be the main engine that will drive the restructuring of the country.”

With the signature of the Vice-prefect and Andrés Daquilena, President of the Corporation of Producers of Legumes and Grains, the official delivery of the machine was made, which became operational since Thursday.

The President of the Legume and Grain Producers Corporation thanked the authorities of the Provincial Government for supporting these abandoned sectors of Chimborazo and pointed out that “currently they have the full support of the Prefecture, which invested around 15,000 dollars in this project” .

The Corporation has the official MAG registry to produce high quality certified seed that is commercialized in various provinces of the country.