Chimborazo Prefecture enables the irrigation canal in the Guamote canton with pipeline cleaning and delivery of material

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Irrigation Management Directorate, carried out the inauguration of the reactivation of the 5km irrigation canal with the placement and cleaning of the pvc pipe in a provisional section of the Guamote canton, which will benefit more than 24 partners who belong to the board of this sector.

The prefect of the province, Juan Pablo Cruz, said that as an institution they carry out the technical monitoring and delivery of the total material for the concrete coating in this canal. “With this reactivation of the canal, the water has already been released until its flows that go to its lands to maintain agriculture and livestock in this sector (…). We have to improve the irrigation system of the canton, they have an abundant flow from the intake to the distribution point, we have several stretches of ditch that we will cover with concrete to make a good irrigation channel, ”he said.

The location of the 500-millimeter-wide pvc pipes with 6 units is a provisional solution because it seeks to rehabilitate the suspension bridge for the definitive solution of this problem. In addition, 825 bags of cement were delivered to cover the irrigation canal, 104.5 cubic meters of crushed rubble to prevent cracks and 71 cubic meters of washed sand. “We will deliver the technical follow-up, the materials in their entirety and the labor we will work with you, so we lower costs, there are no contractors and we are more efficient with public resources,” said Cruz.

Carlos Calderón, president of the Irrigation Board of the canton, expressed his gratitude for the intervention in the area. “After a year it has been possible to rehabilitate this irrigation canal, which is important to us as citizens of this sector. Thanks to the Prefect, on behalf of the 24 members of the board for the coating of the reinforced concrete. Today he has given us the material that will benefit all the families of the Guamote canton ”, he mentioned.

The investment made is $ 7,882.82 dollars and will allow the provincial institution to advance more kilometers of irrigation canals directly, efficiently and making the public exercise transparent.