Chimborazo Prefecture begins intervention on the Mancheno – San Guisel Alto road, Colta canton

In the September 2 Corporation, Columbe parish of the Colta canton, Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, socialized with the residents of 12 communities in the sector the beginning of the patching work on the asphalt level, to later place an asphalt bituminous layer, on the Mancheno-San Guisel Alto road, which is approximately 9 km long. This work is carried out with the new asphalt machinery acquired.

“We have started the work since this first week of February, we are doing the patching first, we still have a fairly good structure, we are going to recover this road axis, we have few resources, but little by little the entire province will be served, without However, on this road, it is planned to advance 2km in the recovery, in the first phase. This year it is planned to intervene in 21 routes. Here we are going to release the machinery that we buy ”, reaffirmed the highest provincial authority.

Manuel Galán, Rector of the San Guisel Educational Unit, thanked Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz for starting work on this route, he pointed out that educators and students attend this institution permanently and there is no way to travel through here. “On behalf of the residents of these communities, I would like to thank you for the work that is already being carried out, for remembering us, Mr. Prefect,” he said.

Also, Juan Cepeda, president of the road committee of the Colta canton, thanked for the work that is being carried out in the communities of this canton, “thank you for the management that our young Prefect is doing, to continue working for our province that was abandoned. We are very grateful for the work he is doing in our communities, ”he said.

For her part, Alexandra Cepeda, resident of the Gaguijón Alto community, thanked the Chimborazo Prefecture for the management, and pointed out that they have been fighting for more than a decade and no one helped them, “we are happy because this time Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, is working for the benefit of the 12 communities that live in this sector. We are very grateful for this work that will allow us to transport ourselves in a better way to other parts of the country ”, he mentioned.