Chimborazo Prefecture maintains permanent monitoring of the areas affected in Chunchi and Alausí by landslides

Through a tour of the affected areas in Chunchi, due to a landslide, which occurred in recent days, the prefect of Chimborazo, Juan Pablo Cruz, verified the magnitude of the disaster and verified that the machinery of the provincial government is working and supporting to move dirt and debris that could stagnate the water. In addition, the machinery was used to help rescue the cattle that were buried in the ground.

The Minister of Housing, Julio Recalde, also participated in the tour; the Mayor of Chunchi, Walter Narváez; the Director of the National Service for Risk and Emergency Management, Rommel Salazar and the Governor of Chimborazo, Luisa Loza.

After this activity, the session of the Provincial Emergency Operations Committee was installed, where the Prefect of Chimborazo has the role of vice president. Here, actions were articulated to strengthen the response in temporary accommodation centers (shelters) and in the affected areas.

Juan Pablo Cruz detailed the actions carried out by the Provincial Government; delivery of food rations, contact with private institutions to provide nutritious and non-perishable food; disinfection of shelters, work of machinery in the territory and permanent monitoring of the affected areas. In addition, he requested that these works be included in the report presented and updated by the National Service for Risk and Emergency Management (SNGRE).

“The Chimborazo Prefecture has been present from the first moment this emergency was made known, both with technical and material equipment, collaborating frequently in the area, without putting anyone at risk (…), more machinery will come (…), In the same way, at the moment about 4 million cubic meters of rubble of approximately 30 million cubic meters that caused the landslide has been evacuated ”, indicated the Prefect of Chimborazo.

The COE session concluded with the agreements established by the institutions that attended the technical table and those who are part of the Provincial COE, with the purpose of continuing with the coordination of emergency care actions.

After this activity, about 20 tons of cattle feed (green) were delivered and, through the technicians of the Productive Development Directorate, reconstituents and vitaminized affected cattle were applied with the help of mobile agro-veterinary units. , in order to improve the body condition of cattle.

The Chimborazo Prefecture maintains permanent monitoring of the affected areas to take immediate action in the event of any event that may occur.