Chimborazo Prefecture presents the First Provincial Environmental Awareness Program “Leaders for Life”

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Environmental Management Directorate, launched the First Provincial Environmental Awareness Program “Leaders for Life”, framed in the United Nations 2030 development agenda. The objective is to train parish environmental leaders in the 10 cantons, promoting environmental management for the conservation of natural resources in their territories.

In addition, knowledge, capacities and skills for the conservation of natural resources and biodiversity will be strengthened. And citizen projects will be implemented that promote sustainable development in the localities and natural resources will be preserved as citizen action against climate change in the province of Chimborazo.

“The United Nations organization maintains an alarming indicator that, if we continue with the same production practices, their customs or cultures, even the same misuse of pesticides or agrochemicals, it will only have the arable layer for 50 more years,” he explained. Alfredo Chuquimarca, Director of Environmental Management of the Prefecture of Chimborazo.

The leaders of the 61 urban and rural parishes of the province will be made up according to an age range, from 15 to 45 years of age, with an average level of schooling of higher basic education.

“We are proud to know that we are working to protect nature and our resources (…), since we, as the Board of Irrigators of Chimborazo, supply more than 41% of agricultural production throughout the country,” said Jorge Tuquinga , president of the Jurech.

The number of parishes that each canton has will be taken into account for the formation of the “Leaders for Life”, that is, of the total of each area, and will be as follows:

Riobamba 48, Alausí 30, Colta 30, Guamote 30, Guano 33, Penipe 35, Chambo 15, Chunchi 30, Pallatanga 15, Cumandá 15, a total of 281 environmental leaders.

“This type of process must have been in place for many decades, but it is not too late to generate a much more responsible type of awareness for those present and those who come (…), it is to deliver an inheritance in life, training and education” , said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

As part of the event, the official launch of the video on the First Provincial Environmental Awareness Program “Lideres Por La Vida” was held and World Soil Day was commemorated, which is celebrated every December 5.