Chimborazo Prefecture holds the fair: “Chimborazo Undertake towards Change, Christmas 2020”

The Chimborazo Prefecture, in coordination with the Productive Development Directorate and the Economic Improvement Management Unit, organized the fair: “Chimborazo Undertakes Towards Change, Christmas 2020”, where producers and entrepreneurs from the province and the country participated. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, local and provincial authorities, entrepreneurs, special guests and citizens in general were present at this fair.

The highest authority of the province highlighted the participation of Chimborazo entrepreneurs in these fairs, which allow promoting products that are made by artisans and producers from various types of sectors. “We have signed agreements with several provinces so that our entrepreneurs can market the products and improve their income. We are working so that our people stay in Chimborazo, ”said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province.

“The Entrepreneurship Fair, organized by the Productive Development Directorate, called” Chimborazo Undertake towards Change “, is made up of more than 250 producers and entrepreneurs who come from different communities in the province, with the collaboration of technical assistance and advice from the Coordination of Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing of the Productive Development Department ”, said Edison Campos, director of Productive Development.

On this occasion, this fair had the participation of the representatives of the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas, Morona Santiago and Chimborazo, as well as several invited artists. During the tour of the entrepreneurs’ stands, the authorities and special guests received the recognition of the entrepreneurs, who thanked them for being taken into account to be part of the development of the province.

Alexandra Prieto, representing the producers, entrepreneurs and artisans of Chimborazo, thanked the Prefecture for giving them the opportunity to publicize their products, “thank you Mr. Prefect for the support you and the people of the Productive Development Directorate give us. We are grateful for all the support ”, he mentioned.

Carmen Ulloa, coordinator of Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Marketing of the Directorate of Productive Development, highlighted the work carried out by the Chimborazo Prefecture, led by Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, who has supported these activities for the benefit of the Chimborazo population. “I also thank my work team for that commitment that exists with the province,” he said.

In this way, this productive day for Chimborazo and all entrepreneurs in general was fulfilled, a fair that was well seen by citizens, recognizing that the current administration and its work team are complying with Chimborazo and its people, today it is seen with good eyes these activities that support those most in need with the work they do every day.