Chimborazo Prefecture launched the “More Milk, More Life” campaign

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Productive Development Department, launched the “More Milk, More Life” campaign, with the aim of evaluating the work of our farmers and promoting the consumption of dairy products.

Representatives of the MAG, Ministry of Production, Foreign Trade, Investment and Fisheries, Arcsa, National Police Chimborazo Sub-zone N ° 6, Agrocalidad, Fenaprole, Cooperativa de Producción Lanadera Chuquipogyo, Ministry of Environment and Water, delegates of municipalities participated in the event and councilors, producers of the province and the media.

Within the analysis, prior to the campaign, it was identified that one of the main problems is the drop in the price per liter of milk as payment to the producer, reaching up to 0.25 ctvs., In reference to the official price set of 0.42 ctvs. ., becoming one of the most frequent difficulties, in addition to this, the industries and trading companies do not withdraw production from the farms.

“It is important to mention that we all have a laudable purpose, which is to improve the nutritional conditions of the population, improve the socioeconomic conditions of producers, processors, entrepreneurs, marketers and we are sure of future productive agricultural entrepreneurs, facing this challenge we are here ”, indicated Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo

The Prefecture of Chimborazo, through the Mesa Lácteos Provincial Advisory Council, has been developing actions in order to improve production processes and support the economy of families in the sector.

“The Chimborazo Prefecture has worked hard with all the other institutions and producers, who have responsibly traced the route, so that we can work on finding solutions for our sector (…) milk, which due to its physical components and nutritional is the only natural and white liquid food, more complete that comes from the field, “said Ana María Naranjo, representative of the National Federation of Milk Producers of Ecuador (Fenaprole).

The scope of the campaign is part of the promotion of dairy products from Chimborace (at least 60% of the provincial population).

As part of the event, awards were given to eight producers in the province, who have been called the “Heroes of Production.”