Chimborazo Prefecture socializes road works in rural parishes of Riobamba

The Chimborazo Prefecture carried out the socialization of the road maintenance works with the residents of the Licto, Cubijíes and Licán parishes. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, spoke with the residents of the communities to socialize said work.

In Santa Ana de Guagñag, the Cuello Loma – Quebrada Colorada road and the Tunshi Politécnica – San Antonio de Guagñag road were ballasted and paved, which benefits more than 15 communities in the sector.

In the Cubijíes parish, the works on the Cerro Negro – El Socorro, El Socorro – San Vicente roads and the Eastern Access were announced.

And in the Corona Real neighborhood of the Licán parish, 5 km of ballast was delivered on the main and secondary roads in this sector.

The highest authority of the province made reference to the works that are carried out in various cantons of Chimborazo, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the Chimboracenses, “the Prefecture has not stopped working in our parishes, because that is our commitment “Cruz said.

Verónica Cuenca, resident of the Santa Ana de Guagñag community, stated that, “it is an honor to receive our Mr. Prefect in this place, we have been abandoned for many years, therefore our gratitude because we are sure that he will help us. We have a Prefect who is very loved and respected by the people ”, thanks Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, he emphasized.

For his part, Pedro Moyón, president of the El Socorro community, Cubijíes parish, Riobamba canton, stressed his gratitude to the Prefecture and the technical team for the work that is being carried out in this community, “before no authority has cared about us With this new administration things have changed and our residents now have a better way of life ”, he mentioned.

The president of the Corona Real neighborhood of the Licán parish, Riobamba canton, Rubén Moreta, recognized the work of the Provincial Government, “before we lived in a dusty dust, today thanks to Mr. Prefect and his collaborators we have the neighborhood with good roads and conditions, our gratitude to Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz for giving us this support and allowing us to live in a dignified way ”, he stressed.