Chimborazo Prefecture socializes road works in the communities of the Guano canton

The Chimborazo Prefecture, led by Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province, reached several communities in the Guano canton to socialize the needs of these sectors, both in terms of roads and irrigation.

In the Paquibug San Gerardo community of the San Andrés parish, Guano canton, the work being carried out by the asphalt machinery of the provincial institution on the San Rafael road, Choquipoguio, was announced. Gradually, the roads of these communities will be intervened.

In Tuntatacto San Andrés, it was articulated to carry out coating and reconstruction works of the irrigation canal, as well as road maintenance.

And in Chocaví, San Isidro parish, work will be done on the paving of the road that connects Chocaví Chico with Pichán Central.

The machinery is working on road improvement and maintenance in the Guano canton, the Prefecture has acquired machinery to carry out these works throughout the province, “with more machinery we can do more works for the province. I only ask you to work together to build a better province, said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

Juan Acán, president of the Paquibug San Gerardo community, highlighted the presence of Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, in this community, because it allows us to have a direct dialogue with our authority to publicize the needs we have and seek a solution “We are grateful to the Prefect for all the support he is giving us,” he mentioned.

For his part, Franklin Jiménez, resident of the Tuntatacto community, San Andrés parish, pointed out that, “before we were forgotten, no authority cared about us, with this new Prefect, hope returned for our people. Thank you Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz for reaching out and supporting our population ”.

Angel Mita, president of Chocaví, belonging to the San Isidro parish of the Guano canton, in his speech thanked the institution for the support it is providing to the community. “We know that it has many things to do throughout the province, however it has taken us into account to carry out the path that we so need. On behalf of my people, I thank you for the good heart you have with Chocaví ”, he concluded.