Chimborazo Prefecture and Arcsa sign an agreement to strengthen entrepreneurship

The framework agreement for inter-institutional cooperation was signed between the Prefecture of Chimborazo and the National Agency for Regulation, Control and Sanitary Surveillance-Arcsa, with the aim of joining forces and capacities of the two institutions, through technical assistance, training and sanitary control , encouraging the development and strengthening of food processing enterprises in an artisanal way or whose field of action is the elaboration, distribution and commercialization of products for human use and consumption within the province.

The programmed technical assistance will be carried out according to a technical report prepared by the parties by mutual agreement, which will detail the work plan, schedule of activities, objectives, budget, administrative deadlines and settlement.

“This agreement is aimed at producing an economic reactivation, supporting entrepreneurship in the province of Chimborazo and as Executive Director of Arcsa, I am at the service of this area (…) so that these undertakings, without delay, have their corresponding health certifications”, explained Mauro Falconí, Executive Director of Arcsa.

With the signing of the document, in addition, healthy consumption will be promoted with products that comply with the Ecuadorian Sanitary Regulations. This agreement is for one year.

Entrepreneurs and technical representatives will be trained on issues of institutional interest, strengthening inter-institutional cooperation between public sector entities, in accordance with the regulatory principles that govern public administration.

“The Prefecture, I believe, which is now in the best hands (…), we are working on many other lines of action and I am sure that the development of the entire province of Chimborazo is becoming evident,” said Falconí.

The event was attended by Gonzalo Peñaherrera, Undersecretary of Agroindustry of the Ministry of Production; Gabriela Peñaherrera, Executive Director of INEN (e); Jorge Guevara, Arcsa Zonal 3 coordinator, and Edison Campos, director of Productive Development of the Chimborazo Prefecture.