The Prefecture inaugurated the “La República” road and delivered the Chimborazo asphalt equipment

The Chimborazo Prefecture inaugurated the “La República” road with 6.34 km of intervention with modified asphalt, direct contracting and an investment of $ 1,225,459.62 dollars, which will help in vehicle decongestion. Likewise, the new Chimborazo asphalt machinery was officially delivered, which will allow improvements to roads in the province.

The asphalt equipment acquired by the provincial institution includes: the multi-distributor of aggregates, micro paver, cold asphalt plant of 60 tons / hour, tanker for asphalt emulsion of 10,000 glns, tanker for water of 5,000 glns and an electric generator of 1,000 Kvs of power.

Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of the province, pointed out that the new government of the province of Chimborazo acts with commitment to meet the needs of the population. “I am fulfilling in detail what I offered, we are accompanied by the hope and dream that Chimborazo is changing. This is the dream come true of having connecting roads in the development of productivity and commerce, this route allows entry to the Guano and Riobamba cantons ”, he said.

Such a large province should have a timely development, the word has become effective and today we present the Chimborazo asphalt equipment and all the road equipment with the best technology for the province ”, he said.

Isaac Pacheco, Guano cantonal coordinator, expressed the importance of this new road that links the capital of the province of Chimborazo with the magical Guano canton. “With this new path, the region will develop in a better way, it is a necessary impulse to overcome the existing calamities. Thank you Prefect of the province, we have faith that you will continue working for our peasants and settlers ”, he said.

Marco Ortega, beneficiary of the El Rosario neighborhood of the Guano canton, expressed his gratitude to the authorities of the province. “This is a monumental work that has been carried out in our sector, thanks to the Prefectural team that have been carrying out this work every day, here we see a reflection of the effort made. We appreciate the management of the authorities ”.

Residents and beneficiaries of the “Los Langos” communities, delivered plaques in recognition of the work and work carried out for the benefit of its inhabitants. Cecilia Freire, representative of the Federation of Neighborhoods, presented the plaque to the Prefect of the Province of Chimborazo and to Raúl Cabrera, mayor of the Guano canton.

Also, after the event, the tour of the machinery continued in the cantons of Guano, Penipe and Chambo so that the residents of these sectors evidence and know about the road works that are going to be carried out in their respective sectors.