Preselection and verification of improved breed sheep in the Páramo de Pucacaja, San Antonio de Chacaza in Guamote

In the páramo of Pucacaja, San Antonio de Chacaza community of the Guamote canton, the technicians of the project “Socio-Economic Strengthening of the Families of the Priority Attention Groups” of the Provincial Board carried out the verification and preselection of the improved breed sheep that will be Delivered to the vulnerable groups of the Pachagshí and Pachamama Chico communities of the Tixán parish, Alausí canton.

At the hearing, the new breed of sheep from the 4M line was verified and the quality of the specimens that are in optimal conditions.

José Carrasco, project technician, indicated that during the review of the sheep, the phenotypic selection of the 4 M line specimens was carried out, from Chile, where it was possible to differentiate characteristic, quality of wool and age, through the teeth, diameter and consistency of testicles. Likewise, the record of the producers and the number of each copy was kept.

The pigs will be delivered to 125 beneficiaries of the vulnerable groups, male and one female sheep, so that there is reproduction and help to improve the socio-economic conditions of the families of the communities of Tixán.

Luis Eduardo Pullay Condo, supplier of the sheep, commented that in order to comply with the total delivery, it is planned to deliver 370 families that produce improved breed sheep, belonging to 15 rural communities in Guamote.