Free medical services to the Nabuzo and Gabiñay de Penipe communities

The Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board continues to visit rural communities, parish capitals and peripheral neighborhoods of the 10 cantons of the province, providing preventive and curative medical assistance to vulnerable groups and people with limited resources. There are 32 patients treated in general medicine and 16 in dentistry.

Luis Naranjo, dentist of the Provincial Board, indicated that, thanks to the concern and political will of the prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, the Mobile Health Unit continues to reach the territory with medical services, “especially at this time that we continue with the health crisis It is important to take certain precautions, to know the corresponding assessment of each one of the patients, taking into account that medical care, such as medicine, is completely free ”, he said.

Tito Haro, president of the Nabuzo community, said that the management of the Prefecture of Chimborazo in providing care to the most needy population is magnificent, “for this reason we also thank the Municipal Government of Penipe because it has collaborated and coordinated with the Provincial Government ”, He emphasized.

On the other hand, Francisco Rodríguez, a resident of the sector, received an excellent service from the dental doctor, “he made a fit and extracted a tooth that had been bothering me for several months and the Health Center did not treat me, now I am very well, calmer, thank you very much to the Prefect for serving the most needy, “he mentioned.

Likewise, Eliana Pillajo, expressed an effusive gratitude to the Prefect and the Mayor of Penipe for providing these health aids, “that is not the first or the last time they remember us, everything was given free, the attention of the doctors and medications ”.