Servants of the Provincial Board receive training on consequences of “Metabolic Syndrome”

The Occupational Health and Safety Unit of the Provincial Board, in coordination with the Higher Polytechnic School of Chimborazo (ESPOCH), carried out the training on “Metabolic Syndrome”, aimed at public servants of the institution.

Rubén Merino, head of the Occupational Health and Safety area of ​​the Provincial Board, stressed that within the fulfillment of the annual plans, it is to monitor the health status of the servers as part of the pertinent surveillance plan, “this helps us to evaluate and safeguard the physical, mental and psychosocial integrity of the servers who belong to the projects and administrative units of the institution ”, he said.

The facilitator of the training program, Verónica Cando, ESPOCH researcher teacher, thanked the provincial prefect, Juan Pablo Cruz, as well as the Director of the Provincial Board, Vinicio Chávez, for the facilities in carrying out this project. research on employees and workers. In turn, he indicated that metabolic syndrome is a health problem that can bring complications if the diagnosis is not made in time.

The training was carried out with around 40 officials, for which the institution’s employees and workers have access to medical examinations and evaluations in order to improve their quality of life, through new eating habits, physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.