There are 784 boys and girls from the CDI Child Development Centers who receive didactic material from the Provincial Board team

There are 784 educational kits that will be distributed to the 18 Child Development Centers run by the Provincial Board of Chimborazo, in agreement with the MIES, located in the Riobamba canton.

For this purpose and prior to the delivery of the pedagogical material at the Child Development Center “Mis Primeras Travesuras”, located in the Bonilla Abarca neighborhood, a symbolic act was held with the presence of the vice-prefect, Carmen Gadbay, the president and the director General of the Provincial Board, Mariana Carrillo and Vinicio Chávez, in addition to the assistance of MIES officials and leaders of the neighborhood sector.

Mariana Carrillo, president of the Provincial Board, thanked the District Director of MIES for the collaboration that he always delivers and allows us to carry out a joint work on the well-being of children in Rio de Janeiro, “we are fulfilling one of the primary objectives, because we are always concerned about prosperity of our children, we have always been aware of their needs, despite the difficult time we are going through economically ”, he commented.

He also limited “we have not neglected in the care of their health, emotional stability, and today, we are here to give them a didactic kit, something that will complement them in their moments of distraction with games and games. initiatives and development of their capacities for the future ”, specified Carillo. At the same time, he congratulated and thanked the work of the coordinators and educators of the Child Development Centers, as well as the parents.

Vinicio Chávez, director of the Provincial Board, highlighted in the delivery of the educational kits, “our children are the ones who tomorrow will have the great responsibility of being part of a society, a country and a province, which deserve better development, And in that logic, I want to extend a big hug and an affectionate greeting from Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, who has given clear, direct and precise guidelines, to keep the children of each one of them in the best conditions. the CDIs.

Today we begin with the pleasant task of delivering educational kits that will help children to function in the area of ​​motor skills, creativity, imagination, games and distraction, which will allow them to develop in a better way ”, he stressed.

The pedagogical kit contains fun material; crepe paper, a flute to improve children’s vocabulary, legos or building blocks that help develop fine motor skills; large plastic screws with their nuts for children to manipulate. Also tempera, with which they can paint and visualize colors, as well as reinforce activities, such as finger painting and free painting, which helps develop imagination, creativity and fine motor skills.