Dreams come true for more than 12 thousand users of the Chambo – Guano Irrigation System, the largest in Chimborazo

The Chimborazo Prefecture, through the Irrigation Directorate, inaugurated the concrete lining of the main channel of the Chambo – Guano Irrigation System, in its first phase.

Through a tour, accompanied by representatives of various media, authorities and leaders, the work carried out in the Irrigation System, the largest in the province, was verified.

“This Irrigation System is the largest in the province of Chimborazo and one of the largest in the center of the country, this phase that we are going through has already been intervened, which includes the construction in certain parts of a new canal because the conditions in which it was found, it did not supply the water requirement, “said Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo.

A new technology has been implemented in this Irrigation System, which previously would not have been used in Chimborazo, which made it possible to place the concrete mantle to stabilize slopes, in the case of earthworks, and is multifunctional to cover irrigation canals.

“It has a durability of around 25 years, it is English technology that we have been able to implement, for the first time in the province,” said the Prefect of Chimborazo.

In addition, a commitment agreement was signed for the Improvement and Rehabilitation of the Chambo – Guano Irrigation System, Phase II project, where the objective was technically detailed.

“The Director of Irrigation said that in the Prefecture it is not managed without the knowledge of the authority, that is, that all the work that has been carried out is with the knowledge and good will of the Provincial Prefect of Chimborazo,” said Cruz.

The expansion and improvement of the Irrigation System, Chambo – Guano, Phase II, will benefit eight Guano communities, through the construction of the main pipeline work, with an approximate length of 7.50 km, incorporating 1,123.32 hectares to the agricultural production, which will contribute to increased production and improved living standards.

“We have waited more than 38 years for this dream to come true and now, thanks to our Lord Prefect, it is going to be fulfilled,” said Washington Orozco, president of the Chingazo Alto community.

The budget within these works is $ 996,138,88150.