Mobile Medical Unit of the Provincial Board attended the Shihuiquís community, Cacha

The Mobile Health Unit of the Provincial Board of Trustees provides medical services in the Shihuiquís community of the Cacha parish, Riobamba canton, to the elderly and mothers of families in the specialties of dentistry and obstetrics, delivering totally free medicines with the collaboration of the president and members of the parochial GAD of Cacha.

Luis Naranjo, a dental doctor, mentioned that he found several extractions and fittings in older adults, “we have a lot to deliver because we give a message of health, prevention, a brushing technique, prophylaxis that costs nothing, many things that do not cost money, but they are of great value ”.

On her side, the obstetrician, Katherine Sánchez, in the consultations made, realized that in the female population, there are problems of vaginal infections, as well as cases of menopause, for which she recommended improving their diet and using the medication properly. He also provided information on family planning, related to the different contraceptive methods, advantages and disadvantages.

José Janeta, member of the Parish Government of Cacha, thanked Dr. Juan Pablo Cruz, prefect of Chimborazo, for sending the medical brigade so that the people of this community can be treated, “there is a lot to work on, thank you very much on behalf of the rural communities of my parish, ”said Janeta.