Road development advances in the San Luis de Riobamba parish

After socializing with the inhabitants of the peripheral neighborhoods of the south of Riobamba that belong to the San Luis parish, about the need to be attended on roads, the Prefecture of Chimborazo immediately began with the intervention in the internal sections of this area, for where a large number of vehicles travel.

There are 8 km of road maintenance, which improves the mobility of the inhabitants of the Rosaspamba, Campo Verde, Arbol Grande, Rocillo de los Tricicleros, Achansi neighborhoods, October 29 and May 24.

“Through these routes, people transport the different products to the Riobamba wholesale market, so it is important that it is in good condition,” said Tatiana Orozco, a Public Works technician for the Provincial Government.

For her part, Olimpia Tenesaca, resident of the Rosaspamba neighborhood, pointed out that despite being close to the city it has not been attended to before, “we have children who go to classes, they suffer the consequences (…) in summer time the dust is too much, whereas in winter the mud is a headache for us, ”he said.

With this intervention, more than 500 families in this area benefit directly, they are joined by the inhabitants of Chambo and Riobamba. “As the roads are in good condition, it is possible to decongest vehicular traffic in the southern part of the Chimboracense capital,” concluded Wilson Yuquilema, a neighborhood leader.