Emerging Works in the Chambo – Guano – Los Chingazos Irrigation System – La Dolorosa Sector

After the collapse in a section of the pipe in the Guano siphon, La Dolorosa sector, belonging to the Chambo – Guano – Los Chingazos Irrigation System, technicians from the Provincial Government Irrigation Directorate, immediately proceeded to the total replacement of pipes to recover the service of the vital liquid that is used for irrigation in several communities of the canton, the problem was presented by the years of use.

“Own resources were used to solve this problem (…) the works were carried out during a week (…) once this problem was overcome, the water service was restored for the 1,200 users of 11 communities in this area,” said Alex Valente, Irrigation technician of the Prefecture of Chimborazo. Alfonso Llagos, a resident of the Alacao sector, acknowledged the work that the prefecture carried out on this site, to recover the service, “we were worried because we did not have water to irrigate our parcels that were drying up, with this change of pipe we will have water to recover our crops and the investment we make, “he said.

These works strengthen the agricultural and livestock production of the communities. In addition, one of the community members stated: “I feel calm to see that the damaged pipeline is already being replaced, as producers we were worried because we did not have water to irrigate our land (…) we see the speed with which the Provincial Government has acted ( …) We are more than 11 communities that benefit from this project that allows us through agriculture and livestock to support our families economically ”.