Delivery of cattle in Guamote strengthens the livestock production of families in the area

Thanks to the delegation of competences in productive promotion that was granted to the Municipal GAD of Guamote by the Prefecture of Chimborazo, 74 cattle of improved breed were delivered to the families of the Tiocajas Palacio Huatana community.

This delivery will strengthen the economic activity of the livestock families in this area. “We seek to promote dairy improvement, thanks to the articulation with the authorities of the canton (…) also taking into account that we vitaminize and deworm for free, through the mobile agroveterinary clinic,” said Juan Pablo Cruz, Prefect of Chimborazo.

Authorities from the Guamoteño town hall participated in the event, who recognized the coordinated work carried out with the Provincial Government; With this delivery, the agreements established within the delegation of powers are being complied with.

“Here are the people of this humble community, who know how to fight and work with clear objectives, one of them the improvement of milk, which we trust in two years will be viable,” said Segundo Guashpa, councilor of Guamote.

For María Yaucán, this type of delivery reflects a responsible and planned work that the authorities carry out for the benefit of the rural sector, she affirms that it will not only improve milk production but also the quality of economic life of each family.

“Thank you for collaborating with us who belong to this community (…) we know that this breed is the best we have in the area for milk production (…) I have two children, one in college and the other in school, without This will undoubtedly help us to support them so that they can finish their studies, because the best inheritance that I can leave them is that,” Yaucán said.