Families of the San Isidro de Guano parish benefit from road works

The Chimborazo prefecture, in coordination with the San Isidro parish GAD, belonging to the Guano canton, carried out the maintenance and improvement of the road, along a length of 24 km, providing better mobility to the inhabitants of this productive area. The Juntús, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Cutupala, San Antonio, Igualata, Pichán San Carlos and Chocaví Central communities were part of the intervention.

“The work is permanent in favor of the citizens who live in the rural area (…) in addition, the emergency that occurred due to the flood of December 11, 2021, in Guano, was attended to, where 15 sites were intervened, cleaning the channeling of the ravine, enabling 15 kilometers of road sections in the Asacoto Grande and Asacoto Chico communities”, indicated Thalía Espinoza, Public Works technician of the Provincial Government.

Hugo Guevara, president of the parish GAD, recognized that these works allow improving the quality of life for more than 600 inhabitants.

“Those of us who live in this canton are very grateful for the road works being carried out by the Chimborazo prefecture, taking into account that this area is dedicated to agriculture, livestock and tourism,” he said.

With this work, farming families will be able to move their products easily to other areas, in addition, community tourism is strengthened.